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$75-$155 depending on vehicle type and scope of work required. Our jump boxes are strong so if we can't get you started, you can bet the issue is most likely not power related.

 (972) 441-2073

I tried to jump start my vehicle, but it didn't start, can you still help?

If you’ve already tried to jump start on your vehicle, but the engine won’t turn over, there is a good chance that your battery could still be the source of the problem, it could be that it requires stronger jump power source or that it's time for a replacement.  Alternatively, it could also be your alternator (vehicles charging system), an ignition problem, a bad fuel pump or a faulty fuse & in that case, you will most likely need a tow or a mobile mechanic, we offer both.

See Recovery LLC has jumped and helped thousands of drivers get back on the road. Our technicians use portable jump boxes to get into garages, ports and hard to reach places. We always hook up red clamp to red post, black clamp to black post and will never leave you stranded.

You can call in to schedule or call  for immediate service. FYI: we only charge $35 if we cannot get you started (light vehicles only). Rest assured you won't be left stranded. Our dispatchers are standing by ready to assist your needs.

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portable jump start equipment
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Jump Starts FAQ's

- How much is a jump start service?

See Recovery LLC uses a flat rate pricing system. Unlike others, we do not charge hidden fees. Our jump start services start at just $75 In McKinney, TX. $35 If It does not start.

- My car is in my garage, can you guys still jump my car?

Yes, our technicians carry portable jump boxes, this means they are designed to be carried to any location and get to those hard to reach places.

- Where are you guys located, and how soon can you reach my location?

We located all over the city of  McKinney, TX  & Surrounding areas. Our techs can be there in 20-45 minutes or less.

- Will the police give me a jump start?

Police and local law enforcement have tougher things to worry about however you can call them if you are in a dangerous area, or in any situation in which your safety may be jeopardized.



We have eight years of experience and quick response times to show for it. We enjoy providing the best customer service because we are GO-GIVERS and just love helping people.

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